Matagalpa Tours, during excursions always uses water bottles over 1.5 liters. Furthermore, the option is given to customers to fill their bottles at the water filter located in our office. When tours more than 4 hours long are conducted, water containers (10 liters or more depending on the number of people and days) are always sent, so water bottles can be refilled.

Matagalpa Tours never allows feeding the wildlife during our tours, nor do we make tours or excursions where wildlife in captivity is present, it is not allowed to collect species of flora and fauna for consumption, display or sale.

Matagalpa Tours includes in their tour packages and promotes among customers excursions and activities that directly involve the local communities. Local or community guides are always hired whenever possible and tours are always prioritized that promote environmental education. The products offered by Matagalpa Tours in a given destination, are always established together with the community and performance monitoring of the quality of services in the community is conducted by guides and these are reported in writing.