Implementing Matagalpa Tours' Sustainability Policy, functions as a tool to allow us to improve in terms of the following:

  • Educate staff, guides, drivers, suppliers and customers on the importance of environmental, cultural and economic awareness in Nicaragua.
  • Set an example to our customers; through the actions of company staff and communication they give to customers.
  • Have practical guidelines to achieve the objectives of sustainability issues.
  • Be prepared to anticipate changes in environmental, sociocultural and economic demand.
  • To encourage and promote "sustainability" in our suppliers.
  • Anticipate growing concerns and customer demand for sustainability in all parts of the supply chain.

This sustainability policy contains the rules Matagalpa Tours is already implementing, such as achieving the goals set for 2015 focused on the aspects of management, internal Sustainable Management: Social Policy and Human Rights, Internal Environmental Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Transportation, Lodging, Sustainable Excursions, Tourism representatives and local tour guides, Destinations, and Customer Communication. Annexes have also been added which serve as evidence of what we are currently implementing on sustainable practices.