At Matagalpa Tours we aim to develop standards satisfactory to both internal full-time management staff and staff working as independent or freelance basis (guides and drivers). Among the rules related to social policy: we favor employment to local residents by written contract; forced labor is not allowed; permanent staff are remunerated with a salary above the minimum wage; vacation, plans for pregnancy, maternity, parental leave, health insurance, and pension plans are respected, according to the provisions of the Labour Code of Nicaragua for permanent workers, who also have flexible working hours.

Both permanent staff and independent, have additional benefits such as disability insurance, which Matagalpa Tours contributes 50%, as well as access to personal loans for education or emergencies, or recreational travel.

Matagalpa Tours never allows child labor or sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. Furthermore, we always support non-profit organizations through the socio cultural tours organized by these non-profit organizations.