Nicaragua has many traditional dishes and each region has its own specialty. Most are based on beans, rice and corn. One of the most famous dishes is Gallo Pinto: rice with beans, which can be eaten for breakfast or dinner. You will also find a lot of street food in Nicaragua, which can absolutely be delicious. When traveling by bus you will notice that some sales man and woman sell food (and drinks) such as sweet bread, rice and chicken or fried banana's ('platanos'). Regarding street food we advice you to be careful and to use your common sense; do not eat anything you don't trust. In well established restaurants you will find international cuisine and/or typical Nica food. Some other typical dishes:

  • Nacatamales – Pork or chicken with tomato, garlic and other vegetables in corn dough, wrapped in banana leafs (special dish on Sunday)
  • Tostones – Fried green plantains (type of banana)
  • Plato Tipico – Gallo Pinto, corn tortilla, cuajada (cheese) and plantains
  • Fritanga – Fried chicken, often comes with a salad
  • Vigorón – Meat (pork), cooked yucca and other vegetables, served with a cabbage salad (famous in Granada)