Northern mountains and western volcanoes

A package for the adventurer looking for the wonderful expressions of the earth, exotic landscapes of ruralcommunities and climb the most beautiful volcanoes in Nicaragua

Tropical forest and volcanoes

This trip combines the most remote and unknown villages to tourists, with the most beautiful places for vacation, without getting away from the nature in Nicaragua

Experience the real Nicaragua

A trip to the rural communities of Nicaragua, shows you the real story and everything happening before your cup of coffee arrives to your table

Farm, plantations and harvesting

Discover the importance of coffee for the people in communities that produce it,  and be part of the various activities that place our coffee among the best of the world

Chocolate, Coffee and Cocoa tour

An experience full of flavors, history and nature.Visit a chocolate factory, coffee and cocoa plantations and learn to prepare the traditional Nicaraguan drink Pinolillo.

San Rafaél, Jinotega and El Arenal Reserve

A very acitve history tour. Visit historic cities, a black pottery workshop and an interpretative nature walk in the cloud forest. A different way of seeing Nicaragua.

5 - 6 hours

Visit the indigenous weaving workshops where you can become a weaver, go shopping and walk in the nature, while discovering the cultural importance of this tradition.

A combined tour where you will visit a diversified farm, enjoy a nature hike and beautiful waterfalls perfect for swimming.

Full experience from seed to cup

We invite you to learn the entire process and all the social aspects that lie behind a great cup of coffee, from the plantation to your table.

Discovering the North

On this tour you will meet people who are fortunate to wake up every day surrounded by abundant nature and landscapes and in whose hands our planet holds.

Culture and nature tour

A tour full of authenticity, nature and culture in the north of Nicaragua. Hikings, coffee, cacao and an unforgettable experience with very special nicaraguan families.

Matagalpa and its surroundings

This tour takes us through nature reserves, waterfalls, coffee plantations, organic farms and we will meet families to experience lifestyle in the Nicaraguan countryside.

Matagalpa and Estelí

This package is designed for those seeking closer to nature in the least explored places, to discover the cultural and natural treasures that northern Nicaragua offers.